It has been a crazy week in our house and we’re loving these Saturday vibes.  Our week days tend to be super busy and don’t veer much outside of our typical routine, but we did get to mix it up with a field trip to the pumpkin patch with Hudson’s class this week (see Wilbur above). Hope your weekend is as laid back as our is going.  Heres our TEN right now…

  1. Just discovered Vogue’s 73 Questions and I can’t get enough!
  2. This place has the most amazing tile for a kitchen. Definitely an inspiration for our (far away) future build.
  3. Totally in love with Alicia Keys these days and her on going affair withOUT makeup.
  4. Do you know Garance? I’ve been following her for years now and I can never get enough.
  5. Tracy Anderson has hit the road, and I’m hoping, praying, dreaming that she’ll come to Charleston sooner than later! Alas, a girl can always stream.
  6. I’m not super great in the kitchen, but the duo behind A Couple Cooks always help me step up my game, especially in the middle of a busy week.
  7. I’d like to pack my bags and go today, especially since it is starting to feel like fall in Charleston!
  8. My sons school took a field trip to Legare Farms Pumpkin Patch this past week and had an awesome time. We fed cows (huge tongues!), hunted pumpkins, played with Wilbur (see the cute guy above!) and enjoyed the bumpy hayride.  Its a must visit for littles (not too scary) for Halloween 2016.
  9. If you’re not getting this in your inbox every morning, here is your chance. You’re welcome!
  10. I’ve been making more time for meditation finally this week and I’m researching new apps. I currently use Calm and love it, but I’m alway open for suggestions. What are your favorites?

Happy weekend.




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